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Disaster resources – Friday August 19

People are asking questions about (1) what can we do? and often (2) how do I get help… how does this friend receive help? So one thing people need is information. Especially information for people who need help.

So we will sometimes post some information about resources and websites and so on.

(1) What do I do? Someone had water in her home or apartment

Register with FEMA! Anyone can register! If you are denied… you can appeal

Can register online at (or) there will be FEMA locations in Baton Rouge starting Monday

Register with SBA = Small Business Association -> (website?)

Apply for low interest loans… for small businesses or regular home owners

(2) Here are a few useful websites

Louisiana Flood Relief 2016 => with links and articles  =

Crisis Cleanup = or or call 1-800-451-1954

Supposed to be good source of receiving help or offering help as a volunteer

(3) I need help buying food

Pre register for Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) =

Basically “food stamps” from the government that you can use to purchase food -> a little confusing!

(4) Flood Victims! Help with clean up!

Did you suffer water damage because of the flood? and do not have flood insurance? Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge will gut sheet rock and spray to prevent mold.  You can call their office 225-927-6551 or email Warning = This sounds like you need to do “stage 1 clean up” first… clean out everything from your home… rip out wet carpet… and so on.

Watch this space! University Baptist Church is not able to help people yet. What we can do is share information and direct people toward resources and groups that can help them.

(5) Want to help on Saturday? need help Saturday?

This one is “information only”. Together Baton Rouge is organizing a “Gut Check Saturday” for people who want to volunteer… and people who need help cleaning out their home. Be at First United Methodist Church tomorrow Saturday August 20 starting at 8:30 a.m. Home owners by 9:00 a.m. Please visit this web page for more information! and to say you are coming. It is important to bring tools + equipment if you have them.



Where and how to give?

Many people (friends + family) from outside Louisiana are asking how they can contribute.

There are several good answers. And probably less good answers. If people wish to contribute funds to support relief efforts…

(1) Cooperative Baptist Fellowship – We are working very closely with them. So if you want to support what two churches in Baton Rouge are doing… along with other churches in Louisiana… which takes you to 

(2) You can certainly contribute to the American Red Cross. Nothing at all wrong with big national organizations.

(3) And if you wish you can give directly to University Baptist Church = 5775 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70808… mark checks “flood relief”. Will be used to help support relief efforts. Like Broadmoor Baptist Church, we have families affected by the flooding. Some their homes were flooded. Some total loss. And many are housing family members whose homes were flooded so they also are under some strain. And we will sometimes help people outside our immediate church family.

(4) Of course there are many other worthy channels. But I am trying to keep this list short and simple.

At this time I am not able to say “please send supplies and stuff”. What we need… and where… shifts and changes from day to day. Shelters said “please do not bring things here… bring them to these other groups… from whom we receive them”. Today I heard a big shelter say “yeah okay bring stuff”. So nothing against that. Thank you for your thoughts and generosity. But I am not entirely sure where and how individuals should send items. That might change tomorrow. Stuff is the sort of thing larger organizations might do better. We do need stuff. The trick is how best to send it here. We need… are you ready? …

  • Food (grocery stores are closed or swamped or running out of some basics)
  • Water (mainly for people in shelters… homes flooded… expensive to ship)
  • Clothes (many people lost most or all of their clothes… underwear underwear underwear… can you imagine having one pair?)
  • Baby stuff (babies use stuff… lots of stuff)
  • Cleaning supplies (no kidding – hammers + box knives + boxes + fans + mops + brooms + you name it… everyone needs it… hardware stores are cleaned out… how are people supposed to clean + gut their homes?)
  • Pillows + bedding (a big need… but how do you ship that? where?)
  • People… people… people… who can help assess + clean homes + you name it (locals are out working + helping and are often swamped themselves… or flooded out)

This is not an officially sanctioned Church of the Nations or University Baptist Church list. But it mostly is. People are asking questions and I want to be able to give some quick simple answers until a big “Here is our plan! This is how you can help!” email goes out.

We plan to have Sunday morning activities

Several people have contacted us to ask if we will have Sunday morning activities tomorrow. Yes – we do plan. Sunday morning activities are not cancelled for Church of the Nations and University Baptist Church. We plan to have Bible study + worship on Sunday August 14. If that changes… then we will update this website. So check tonight… check tomorrow morning before 8:00-9:00 a.m.

The most important thing is that you are safe. If it is too difficult for you to come to the church… stay home! And contact us if you need help. We know there has been flooding around Louisiana State University. And we know that some neighborhoods around the university have a lot of water. We want you to be safe.

Preparing for possible hurricane this week


“Don’t be worried. Don’t be afraid. Just be ready“. That seems to be what the university and government authorities are saying to people in Baton Rouge.

Most international students and scholars in Baton Rouge probably have not experienced a hurricane. Some have asked me what they should do. So we want to send some useful information to everyone on our email list.

1) I have attached our English Conversation lesson on hurricanes. It includes information on how to prepare. Please look at it.

2) This is what the LSU Emergency Operations Center sent to me this morning. I have changed some of the language so it is easier to understand.

— Have a flashlight that works. Have enough batteries for several days.

— If you have a car fill it with gas now. Sometimes it is difficult to buy gasoline before and after a hurricane.

–Have enough drinking water (bottled) for at least three days. About one gallon (four liters) for each person for each day.

–Buy food that cannot go “bad” (does not need refrigerator or freezer). And buy food that you do not need to cook. Enough for at least one week.

–If you buy canned food, make sure you have a “manual” can opener that does not need electricity.

–Make sure you have all important documents, including insurance papers. Put them together so that if you need to leave Baton Rouge you can take them with you.

2b) Let us add a few other points.

–Clean your bathtub and fill it with water.

–Back up your important computer files! Cover/protect your computer so it does not get wet.

–Wash clothes now.

–Pack one small suitcase with clothes and “toiletries” in case you need to leave your apartment or leave Baton Rouge. (Not everyone will agree with this.)

–Make or buy ice.

3) Check the news – television, internet, radio. If you have cable channel 18 is good for weather. I often check

4) Some things you should do now. Some things you can wait until before the storm.

Do not worry. Do not be afraid. Just be ready.