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Missions conference this week – including Sunday January 29

Yeah I know. Busy week and weekend!

The Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge is hosting a “missions conference” next week. Bringing in two special speakers and teachers for several (!) events. We will advertise two of them =

BAGBR WORLD MISSIONS CONFERENCE – Rick Wright will attend this. I understand child care will be available – although the host churches ask you to register and sign up for that

Guest Speaker: Nik Ripken

Sunday, January 29, 2017 – 6:00 PM
Zoar Baptist Church
11848 Hooper Road, Central, LA 70739

Who is Nik Ripken?

Nik Ripken invites you to the World Missions Conference

Nik Ripken to speak at the following locations:

January 26 – LSU BCM – 7:00 PM (for students)
January 27 – Istrouma Baptist  Church – 9:00 AM – (for BAGBR church staffs)
January 27 – Bayou Youth Rally – 7:30 PM- Greenwell Springs Baptist (youth/parents)

Ruth Ripken (Nik’s wife) to speak at the following location:

January 28 – Jefferson Baptist Church, Baton Rouge – 10:00 AM
Women’s Missions Fellowship

Ladies, Ruth Ripken invites you to the Missions Fellowship

Science Saturday at LIGO – Saturday July 18

(This is not a Church of the Nations activity. Rick is not able to take people to this with the church bus. But we think many internationals and their families might be interested in this. Perhaps you can drive yourself or get a ride with a friend!)

LIGO website

LIGO = Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory.* It is an amazing research facility right here in south Louisiana – about 45 minutes away in the town of Livingston. The 3rd Saturday of every month is a “Science Saturday” in which LIGO is open to the public from 1:00-5:00 p.m. for tours and demonstrations. Rick and Armetta Wright will be there this Saturday as volunteers with the Baton Rouge Astronomical Society (probably not until 5:00 p.m. but for at least a couple hours). This Saturday the theme will be reflection and refraction.

*The purpose of LIGO is to detect gravitational waves (such as from two orbiting neutron stars). This is very advanced physics!

The New Passover/Exodus (chapters 11-15)

The New Exodus (PPTX) Notes_The New Passover_20140706 (DOCX)

The New Passover/Exodus = Exodus 11-15(?!?)
The Sanctuary Class
July 06 2014 

Begin = Solar Dynamics Observatory

– Very different pictures of the Sun – but they are all the Sun
– is the Christian faith like this?
– is the Bible ever like this?
– one Truth / one reality (= ? story of God and/or life/death/resurrection of Jesus)
– different ways to look at / understand / talk about
– Pilgrim Class and Jonah 2 => simple and straightforward / digging deeper / some irony and contradictions

– this morning = advanced(?) look at story of Passover / Exodus = Exodus 11-15
– why?

(1) my Bible study class with internationals -> Exodus and this story is next (= timing)
(2) going to tell you up front what the point is =

– what makes Jewish people Jewish?
– how important is this story for our Jewish friends?

– the New Testament (Gospels and letters – with exception of Hebrews) interprets / describes / understands Jesus Christ mostly in terms of the Passover/Exodus story
– this (story of Jesus) is based on that (story of Passover/Exodus)
– if you want to understand this you need to understand that
– that (Passover/Exodus) is the main way to understand this (Jesus)
– not the only way
~ there is not only way to look at the Sun – but some are more important
– this is also how the Primitive Christian community understands the story of Jesus
– and by extension the nature and mission of the Christian church
– this is relatively new for me
– Christian church as Paschal community during season of Easter
– but have also started to see this theme other parts of the New Testament
– which is why I choose this story and this topic for today

– so we are not just looking at Passover/Exodus story by itself
– how it helps us understand (1) Jesus and (2) Christian church (what we are and what we do)
– ambitious and might not work!

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Special guest speaker! Dr Ernest Chung – this Sunday November 18

Church of the Nations is very excited to announce we have a special guest speaker this Sunday. Dr Ernest Chung – who came to the United States 40 years ago as an international – will speak during our worship this time Sunday November 18 starting at 10:30 a.m. Parents will especially be interested in his presentation. Dr Chung speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.

Dr Ernest Cheng – Bio

Speaker’s Bio

Dr. Ernest Cheng, a graduate of OISE, University of Toronto, is an educator and publisher. He is the Managing Director of Canadian Test Centre, which publishes the Canadian Achievement Test (CAT) and Insight Tests of Cognitive Abilities. These assessments are being used widely by schools across Canada.

Ernest is married to Dr. Maisy Cheng. They have two grown sons: Jonathan, a print journalist, and Mark, a researcher with the City of New York Board of Education. Ernest is a member of Richmond Hill Chinese Community Church and has been a Sunday school teacher for 30 years. He is the author of A Tree Planter’s Dream, A Bridge Builder’s Dream and Give Your Child the Wings of Flight. His faith in Jesus Christ finds expression in his passion for trees and the welfare of youths.

All Daughters Celebration – Friday, May 04

“All Daughters Celebration” coming on Friday, May 4 starting at 6:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall.

This is a special event for all women from 6th grade and older. There will be a casual dinner. Jackie Lord Kirkpatrick (missionary who grew up in this church) is speaker and our own Liqun Fang will sing. There is childcare for children up to 5th grade.

This event is free but you must sign up before April 29. This event is for women in Church of the Nations as well as University Baptist Church.