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Lections = 2nd Sunday of Pentecost (A)

Texts_02PentecostA_20170618 (PDF)
Texts_02PentecostA_20170618 (DOCX)

Ed = The exact same Bible readings aka lections when we first came to Baton Rouge back in June(?) 1999 in “view of a call”. No kidding.

Lections = Pentecost Sunday (A)

Texts_PentecostA_20170604 (PDF)
Texts_PentecostA_20170604 (DOCX)

Lections = Ascension (A)

Texts_AscensionA_20170525 (PDF)
Texts_AscensionA_20170525 (DOCX)

Lectionary = Pentecost through Christ the King (A)

I do this about 3-4 times per year – create a list of all the lections for the next season of the Christian calendar. This goes from Pentecost through Christ the King (A). Until year (B).

List_PreachingWorshipPlan_PentecostA_2017 (DOCX)
List_PreachingWorshipPlan_PentecostA_2017 (PDF)

Lections = 7th Sunday of Easter (A)

Texts_07EasterA_20170528 (PDF)
Texts_07EasterA_20170528 (DOCX)

Lections = Ascension (A)

Because everyone observes the Feast of the Ascension right?

Texts_AscensionA_20170525 (PDF)
Texts_AscensionA_20170525 (DOCX)

Lections = 6th Sunday of Easter (A)

Texts_06EasterA_20170521 (PDF)
Texts_06EasterA_20170521 (DOCX)

Lections = 5th Sunday of Easter (A)

Texts_05EasterA_20170514 (PDF)
Texts_05EasterA_20170514 (DOCX)

Lections = 3rd Sunday of Easter (A)

Texts_03EasterA_20170430 (PDF)
Texts_03EasterA_20170430 (DOCX)


Lections = Second Sunday of Easter (A)

Texts_02EasterA_20170423 (PDF)
Texts_02EasterA_20170423 (DOCX)