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URGENT – the request for Chinese tutor needed was a *scam*

Earlier an email included this: “An American family has contacted us and asked if there is someone who can tutor a high school student in Chinese. If you are interested you can contact Rick and ask for more information.”

A few people responded to the request… and very quickly something did not sound right about this. This is a scam. The “family” sends a fake check, asks you to cash it, and send some of it to a “caregiver” and “child”. The result is that they steal money from you. I am thankful to the Chinese friend who realized something was wrong and told me about it.

Please accept my sincere apologies. I am deeply embarrassed by this. I received this request from an LSU professor that I know and trust. I assumed the family lives in Baton Rouge and that he knows them. Apparently I was wrong.

*If you are/were in contact with this “family” please do the following* You can report this to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). They have a webpage where you can give information about the situation:

Do you know statistics? Short term job available

Someone who has been part of Church of the Nations is finishing her doctoral dissertation and has asked if there are people who know statistics. She has short term work available for people who can use statistics to help her analyze research data.

Please contact Rick at Rwright[AT]Ubc-br[DOT]org or 766-9474 ext 222 if you are interested. He will put you in touch with this graduate student.