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Hebrew notes = Psalm 100

Psalm 100 for alone (PDF)
Psalm 100 for alone (DOCX)

Hebrew notes = Psalm 116

Relatively short and simple. Go figure.

Psalm 116 (PDF)
Psalm 116 (DOCX)

Hebrew notes = Genesis 18

Phew! Longer than expected. Who wrote this??? “For alone” means notes intended for my classical Hebrew class at Louisiana State University – which I cleaned up and revised for more personal use.

Genesis 18 for alone PDF
Genesis 18 for alone DOCX

Hebrew notes = Psalm 104

Long psalm and lots of notes. This will save you time.

Psalm 104 (PDF)
Psalm 104 (DOCX)

Hebrew notes = Psalm 68

Verses 1-10, 32-35 specifically. Some odd linguistic features in this psalm. Almost certainly late. Arguably “northern” although see Richard Wright, “Further Evidence for North Israelite Contributions to Late Biblical Hebrew,” in Biblical Hebrew: Chronology and Typology, ed. Ian Young (Sheffield, 2004): 129-148.

Psalm 68 (PDF)
Psalm 68 (DOCX)

Hebrew notes = Psalm 93

Psalm 93 (PDF)
Psalm 93 (DOCX)

Hebrew notes = Psalm 47

Psalm 47 revised (PDF)
Psalm 47 revised (DOCX)

Hebrew notes = Psalm 66

Psalm-66 (PDF)
Psalm-66 (DOCX)

Hebrew notes = Psalm 116

Verses 1-2, 12-19 specifically. A lot of curious text critical notes that go along with several odd forms and unusual constructions. Dialect? Messy text?

Psalm 116 (PDF)
Psalm 116 (DOCX)

Hebrew notes = Psalm 23

Hey. Good stuff here.

Psalm-23 reformatted final (PDF)
Psalm-23 reformatted final (DOCX)

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